Homemade tortillas

homemade tortillas2

I’m back after another short break. This time with some homemade tortillas. Do you make your own tortillas? Is it too much of a bother? I haven’t made any in a really long time. For awhile I was very much into them, well more like into the tortilla chips. I love all sorts of crunchy snacks and this one is seriously addictive. Making your own tortillas and tortilla chips at home is really easy so if you ever feel like it, give it a try.

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Dinner rolls

dinner rolls1

How are you doing? Is it getting really hot where you live? It is here, not that I’m complaining. It’s much better than being cold. I’m eating lots of ice cream and regretting the fact that I don’t have an ice cream maker at home. But before we get to the frozen treats, here are some dinner rolls. Not very exciting I know, but I think they turned out pretty nice.

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Cream cheese crackers

cream cheese crackers0

Hey! How was your weekend? Is it starting to feel more like spring where you live? If it is, I’m  really jealous of you. My complaints about the weather have no end. It stopped raining but it’s still cold and the wind is not helping at all. Guess I’ll be passing the time with baking while waiting for the sunny days to finally come.

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Buttermilk biscuits

buttermilk biscuits1

I’ve been in quite the baking mood these days, even more so than usual. Since I already had a few sweet stuff, I decided to make something savory and went with some buttermilk biscuits. I really like them, but I don’t make them that often. I need to correct this mistake.

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Roasted chickpeas


Only one day left of this year! Can you believe that? Time  flies so fast. Are you excited? I have really high expectations for the new year, but we’ll see how things will go.

As this is the last post for this year, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit, like, follow and comment here on my blog. I really appreciate it. Taking pictures of food proved to be a challenge for me, but I hope that I’ll improve in the future.

Happy New Year and see you in 2016!

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Cheese and bacon muffins

I usually have an idea what I’m going to make, so I get all the ingredients beforehand. I get really annoyed if I start to make something and it turns out I don’t have everything. That’s exactly what happened a couple of days ago when I made these muffins. I was preparing whatever I was going to need (still in my pajamas of course) when it turned out I don’t have flour of all things. I really don’t know how I forgot to buy it, I guess I thought I still had some. Not that it’s such a big deal, the store is so close by, but it got me angry. Sometimes even small things like this can really piss me off.

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Cheesy cauliflower casserole

Happy Sunday evening! I hope you had a fun weekend. Mine was pretty boring, but I tried something new and I’m sharing it with you. A couple of days ago I saw cauliflower at the store. I haven’t cooked with it before, so I thought it would be interesting to try it. Saturday was the perfect day to experiment so I made this cheesy cauliflower casserole for dinner.

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Creamy carrot and potato soup

I’m not really into soups. I have never been. Since I was a kid they have been one of my least favorite foods. Sure, a warm chicken soup on a cold day would be nice, but that’s pretty much the only exception.

However, I decided to give soups a chance. After making a tomato one which turned out pretty good, I made this one. And let me tell you, I liked it a lot. This soup is actually delicious. I prepared it on a particularly rainy and gloomy Saturday and the result really made me feel a little bit better.

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Cheese scones

How have you been doing this past week? I didn’t have anything to share with you not because I didn’t make anything, but because my experiments didn’t end up as successful as I hoped they would. You know when you are really excited about something and then you try it and it ends up being kind of meh. Not really all that bad, but still not good. That’s what happened to me.

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